Isle of ewe: because ewe matters!

One badddddd pun, I know. My point? Notice how one tiny play on words can re-frame your perspective

– and after that, you never see life the same way again. So: brainstorm with me. I’m I’m going to play

with one winkydinky. ….but the result will be no game. Take the following sentence, which I gave you

purposely neutralized for … ewe.. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; dust ewe are and to dust ewe WILL


Now: here’s a problem we’ve had in English since we did away with the town crier. “Hear ye, hear ye!”

To whom is the newsman speaking? Ye, you or, a # of individuals. That’s important. Knowing

if you is referring to 1 person or many is quite important. Don’t think so? How about asking

someone this question: “Will you marry me?”

So I have caught YOUR attention: knowing who “ewe” is in our Lenten sentence can and will

change a person’s entire theology. So, run it both ways: tonight yet, your gift is to is to ponder what the

difference is between

“Dust you (Adam and Eve) are,”


“Dust, you are, Adam.”

Don’t be lazy. Walk around listing the differences between the two. You might even make a literal list.

How is the GIFT of life given to persons different if it was given to Adam personally and individually?

How does the story change if God calls both Adam & Eve “dust”? When Y’ALL think y’all are done with

that list, then do the rest of the sentence. (It’s o.k. to call it extra credit)…Who is the “you” given NOT the

gift if kufe, but rather the curse of death — the curse of returning to dust.

Tomorrow night, you, each one of you, is you, all of you together, may ask me which way you should read

Tonight, just dwell on the difference between the two.

Knowing that God loved you & y’all into existence defines who you & y’all are. Knowing how – I.e., knowing

whom God made live and whom God let die in the Garden of Eden that day … and *knowing how*

forces you to the question of *why* God created in the manner in which he did; means to know how in

this case very much means knowing why… and knowing why and how you & y’all live or die … or rather,

Its the only way to hear I AM say …

“Isle love ewe.”