What’s the point! Tonight’s gift, one Bible verse, is deceptively brief, but utterly profound and quite the reality to ponder. Because, remember, none of this is theorizing: we are living through 40 very real days … the 40 days force us to slow down and ponder the ramifications of Ash Wednesday; the ramifications that we are each human (humo-an, “dust”) beings — living dust.

Romans 5:12

“In the precise way as

a) thorough ONE male person (the first one), this state of “SIN-FILLED-NESS” entered into the [entire] COSMOS,

b) through this sin-full-ness, death (“DEATH-FILLED-NESS”) entered.


a) This is HOW, in JUST this SAME WAY,  death thoroughly entered into EVERY person,

b) and UPON the death of HUMANITY, EVERY SINGLE THING [in the cosmos] DIED!”

Do you see what Christ says, through the pen (or stylus, or just plain mouth) of St. Paul?

a) That the entirety of the cosmos has gone bad. Now, “bad” has two definitions: “rotten, having putrefied” or “evil, having lost and/all goodness.”

b) that when ADAM sinned — Adam, whom Christ created first (he is the first male, first person, and first husband) — HIS sin thoroughly FILLED God’s entire COSMOS with EVIL!

Adam, made of “adamah,” (Hebrew for “dust”) emptied the entire universe of life. SO, yes, humanity is mortal, in that it will return to dust after death; it is also mortal, in that we will get kicked in the teeth 1,000 times (consider the phrase, “to die 1,000 deaths”) on our road to final death.

Doesn’t sound like much of a gift, does it??

O, but we shall se how it is a very great gift indeed!


*Technical notice: To whomever may have tried to read this post on time, on Lent Day 8. Both Day 8 and Gift 8 removed themselves from the website sometime over the course of Day 8.  It is now being re-added, in the wee hours of Lenten Day 9, by the “carbon-based” life form … i.e., the living “dust”- being … responsible for this page. It’s not her fault that the computer un-posted this. [In other words, in this case,  “It was NOT the woman, Lord!” ; ) LOL]