WANT to read the Holy Bible these next three days and need guidance?
I suggest Luke24. (Read it now then come back to this post.)
Jesus gives us TWO precious gifts on Easter:
He is risen from the dead (Praise God!)
Jesus explains how to understand the Bible: EVERY book of the Old Testament and the New Testament are about Christ Jesus. HE is the focus and meaning of every Bible (hi)story. Scripture is NOT a guidebook for living. It is people living out in their lives and bodies that “No one is good, but God alone.” Far from telling us to ‘try to be a good person,’ it shows us Christ at work in the literal histories and physical bodies of Adam&Eve, Abraham, his grandson Jacob whom God (named “YHWH,” meaning “I.AM!”) re-named “Israel” (meaning, “he struggles/grapples with God”).
Once we understand that Christ has been promising to save us, loving us, commending us in love to receive his goodness, then God isn’t a stickler with 10 commandments and no flexibility. Rather, the commandments reflect Christ: if we violate marriage vows, we no longer live out in our own lives that the Church is the bride of Christ, for example and being ONE FLESH with Christ Jesus is the ONLY thing which saves us!
Throw out God’s commandments in re: fornication/adultery, and one STOPS testifying with his or her body as to HOW Jesus saves us: being one flesh with him, eating his flesh at communion, rescuing us from the sin we had inherited by being descendants of Adam, the male whose sin caused all humanity to fall into sin. But stop believing in creation, in a literal Adam whose sin (utter lack of goodness) is passed down from father to child, then Christianity ceases to exist. We just start ‘trying to be good persons,’ while sleeping around, divorcing, denying that communion is Christ’s flesh & blood, which make us one with Christ corporeally, denying that a male Adam was our first fleshly ancestor, who led us into bodily sin, and thus making a male Jesus necessary who would redeem us by making us one flesh with him. We reject creation, & thus reject that God demands that pastors be male, so they can represent bodily how we became sinners and how we became saved. We ordain women, commit adultery, deny the need to be one with Jesus via baptism & communion, because we reject REALITY. We choose science over reality, and add the final insult of telling God and humanity that we,’try to be good persons,’ –SO, READ LUKE 24 & LET GOD’S WORD START TO UNRAVEL SATAN’S WHOLE WEB OF “CHRISTIAN” LIES!… & know what you are doing at communion tonight, Maundy Thursday.
Now, if you haven’t yet, go read LUKE 24!