Meet Our Staff

Marvin Marx

Director of Music

Richard Tank


Gary Johnson

Director of Ministry (Head Elder)

Elders duties include the spiritual care of each member through prayer, study, calling, counseling and the exercise of Church discipline.
They plan and provide for congregational worship opportunities including leaders, assistants, music and any special emphases.
Elders are responsible for addressing social welfare needs in conjunction with area agencies by referral and support.
Elders also establish means of publicity and public relations so that Bethany is identified with service for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Barbara Littwin


Bee Rupholdt

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees works with the material assets with which God has blessed the congregation for proclaiming the Gospel.  They are responsible for the congregation’s property, facilities and equipment.
The Trustees also represent the congregation in legal matters.

Marvin Marx